R.I.P. Tommy Ford!


Simple Wellness was birthed from Angela's frustration of not being able to find all that she desired in a hair salon. She personally was in search for an establishment that offered excellent hair care, top notch hair styling techniques and most of all, superb customer service. As a result of not finding all of these qualities in one setting, she began to do her own hair. As a life long learner, she studied continuously to better develop her childhood interest of doing hair, only now with a holistic approach. As she continued to learn and tend to her own hair needs, others began to take notice, and Simple Wellness. was born. The company name was selected to remind all that it is simple to be well; however, often made complicated for various reasons and/or motives. Since 2008, Simple Wellness, has taken on many modifications and expanded in numerous of ways. The once basement shared laundry room location has developed to a beautiful establishment in the historic area of Mt. Vernon, in Baltimore, MD. What was once a single chair operation, is now a full service Natural Hair Salon, Wellness Spa, Hair Loss Clinic and Partnering H.U.B. Throughout all of the advancements, what remains consistent, is that all services are rendered with a holistic approach.