One of Angela's favorite past time is to create.  She has a great appreciation for craftsmanship, and feels that true quality is achieved by those things that are done by hand.  All of her products include the purest and best ingredients.  Often times her creations are originally thought of to fill a need or void in something that she can't find for purchase herself.  Keeping with her philosophy of "Enhancing Beauty both Inside and Out", Angela provides great uniqueness and love in each and every creation!

Whether it's to nurture the hair, moisturize the body, cleanse or to wear, Transparent Beauty Products are of the greatest quality! Executing her life's mission of "Enhancing Beauty Both Inside & Out", Angela's products mirrors that philosophy. Every product is made with excellence from the inside out. She starts with implementing her knowledge of holistic health, to assist her in choosing the proper ingredients to use for the optimal results. Understanding that goodness starts from within, the ingredients used are that of natural and organic sources. Most of Angela's creations are customized and one of a kind! If she could be of any creative service to you, feel free to call her directly! 


Another top seller of products offered are the exclusive line of CBD. Check out the website for some of the CBD items offered, and call us directly for the ones not listed.

In addition to the handmade creations made by Angela and CBD Infused products, she also offers a host of many other items. Stop by Simple Wellness frequently to see what retail is currently being featured!