Private Hair Loss & Wellness Clinic

Angela's Trichology and Wellness services, provide support to clients virtually or in an intimate private area of Simple Wellness.  Keeping in alignment with her philosophy and life's mission, the clinic offers a variety of holistic modalities.  Her teachings, training and certifications, allow her to operate as the following:

Weellness Coach In an effort to assit others to live there best lives, Angela has a step by step program to consistently take ones good to great.  Though all of her services are customized to the needs of the client, she uses a proven formula of recgonizing that all improvements must be made with a holistic approach.  All developements require one to disect the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the situation.  Her way of probing thought provoking growth, coach-like way of pushing and commitment to being an accountability partner, has enabled Angela to support many during their journey.  

Trichologist    Angela knows that there is often a sincere appreciation for one's own hair, as well as a sadness for its loss.  Having this understanding has allowed Hair "Amore" (the Italian word for "Love") Private Hair Loss Clinic, to operate and serve with compassion and integrity.  As a Trichologist, Angela combines her certifications, education and studies, holistic health awareness and hair styling skills to create an unique but satisfying experience.  Initially motivated to understand how some people loose their hair and others don't, in hopes of preventing it from ever happening to her, Angela discovered some factors of hair loss that not many people recgonize as being related.  The diversity and individuality of each visit creates the opportunity to discover the why, suggest the potential for regrowth and/or prevention of further damage, customize products, herbal treatments, and discuss various styling options (including customized wigs) when applicable.  Designed with your personal goals in mind, Ms. Hardy takes the time to review all of your medications, hair products and tools.  Your consultation also involves a detailed conversation, a Zyto scan and a thorough analysis using alternative health practices, special scopes, lighting and magnification.  The comprehensive review examines the hair, scalp and follicles.  As a result, a determination is made and suggested as to your next step and plan of action.  

Zyto Practitioner The biological scans are designed to give your internal body a voice.  The state of the art technology identifies those systems, emotions and physicalities that are causing a challenge and may be considered a stressor on the body.  As a practitioner for this service, Angela administers the scanning process and then carfully explain the results.  Her expertise also provide individual suggestions of ways to improve.  

Advance Kinesiologist  Also known as muscle testing, this service allows Angela to personally identify those products and supplements that seems to better agree with your body.  By using an ancient healing technique, items are identify as being in support or not in support, by the way ones muscles responds.   

Iridologist  Having the ability to study the strength and weaknesses of one's health, is a skill that Angela continues to fine tune on a daily basis.  This detailed service of analyzing the pupil, iris, sclera, color and shape of the eye, is just another tool that she uses to identify opportunities of improvemnt and/or corrections of health.

Holistic Hair Stylist  Hair care and styling is a compliment to Hardy's ability to connect individuals health with their hair.  Having an appreciation and gift for all three talents, often have clients express gratitude of obtaining a total package of hair services unique to any other place.   Her creativity and holistic wisdom, provides a magical experience for the client, as she continues to operate from her mision to enhance beauty both in and out. 

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor  Understanding that food is our medicine and a vital form of support for our individual well being.  This specialized form of coaching, assits with creating the best lifestyles and eating habits for your superb quality living and healing.  


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