Back to Basics Incorporated


Back to Basics is a non profit organization that was originally designed to mentor the lives of young girls and their female care takers.  It was founded in 2007, when at that time Angela's daughter, Kendall was a mere four years old. It was then that she began to realize that the everyday skills and tasks, that were once shared naturally between a mother and daughter, now felt like a chore to teach. The everyday stress and demands of busy working moms, makes something as simple as cooking dinner cumbersome, as the focus is usually to get something on the table as quick and easy as possible. So having the delays and interruptions of an inquisitive little girl, is often not appreciated and or used as an opportunity to teachFeeling overwhelmed and frustration often replace the beauty in the bonding opportunities. As a result, Back to Basics Girls Inc. implemented a program that would restore the joy in instilling life lessons and skills to our precious princesses. Later realizing the need for males to also have scheduled bonding time with their same sex guardian, the word Girls was dropped from the name. In addition, the organization also serves as a facilitating partner to other like minded groups who have yet to establish their own 501c3 in the state of Maryland.



From the moment of conception, Angela knew the importance of being a good example for her child and taking the time to teach and communicate.  Then after she learned the sex of her child, she immediately wondered how she could be the best and give the best to her daughter who will be watching her for guidance.  Back to Basics was her way of releasing some of the pressure and stress that she felt as a mother, whose sole desire was to provide a well balanced lifestyle for her daughter, while keeping up with all of her many other responsibilities.